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Beginning in 2009, Tony switched his updates to Twitter, which he is updating many times a day rather than just every few months. To see what's going on in Tony's world, go to the Twitter Feed page. To check out his Road Journal Archive, start reading below and follow the link to past Road Journal entries.

ARCHIVE: September – December, 2008

We made it through the rest of BBHJ without any major incidents and never missed a show despite threatening weather in many towns. It’s ironic that my shoulder felt back in shape only after the tour ended, but there was plenty more skating to do. Here is a summary of what’s been happening since our demo ramp was packed up after our last show in Irvine:
••• Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon: simulcast on the three major networks, this was a sea of A-list celebrities coming together to raise cancer awareness. I was assigned to answer phones (along with other celebs) during the last half of the show. It was amazing to see how many people cancer affects; every celebrity in attendance either lost a loved one, knew someone going through treatment, or was a cancer survivor themselves. During my brief stint in the green room, I ran into David Spade, Jack Black, Forest Whitaker, John Krasinski, Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Brolin, Casey Affleck, Sheryl Crow, Chritina Applegate, Kirsten Dunst, Chris Tucker and Rob Lowe.

It was easy to explain to reporters why I am so passionate about cancer research, given that my father died of lung cancer and one of my best friends just died of chordoma. I’m not sure how much they managed to raise, but it was worth the drive to LA just to be part of such an important event.

••• Quiksilver demo France: Quik requested a demo in conjunction with the ASP (surfing) event happening in the surf town of Hossegor. I rounded up the BBHJ crew (plus Andy Mac) for a mini-reunion and we hit the land of bread and cheese. I could tell something was brewing when I saw posters and billboards promoting our demo all over Biarritz and Anglet. We figured out how to work our BBHJ routines on the ramp the day before the show, even though it had a channel in the middle and an extension on the side. We did an autograph session at the local skate shop right before our scheduled start time, got padded up, and then were driven in a beater convertible to the beach where the ramp was. They thought they were honoring our American automobile heritage by stuffing us all in, so we sang the theme to Team America while making our way –slowly- to the venue.

Suddenly we were faced with a crowd of arena proportions lining the boardwalk and filling the sand on both sides of the ramp. It was estimated that 10,000 people were in attendance and they were EXCITED. It was like they had never seen professional skateboarding before and they freaked even more when we busted out our routines. More than once I was thanked for “bringing the Huckjam to France!” They didn’t see half of what we are capable of with our own ramp setup… it might be time to take the tour overseas.

••• Home to NYC to LA to home to LA to NYC to home in six days. I earn those frequent flier miles the hard way, but at least I’ll still be 1k in 09.

••• Guitar Hero: World Tour commercial: I was asked by Bobby Kotick (head of Activision) to star in the new GH commercial along with Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez and Michael Phelps. The answer was yes.. and then I heard the concept. We had to mimic Tom Cruise’s famous scene from Risky Business, together, in our underwear. Well if those guys already agreed…

 I also managed to interview Michael Phelps between takes for my own use:

••• Riley got his driving permit. Buckle your seatbelts, drive defensively and STOP TEXTING!
••• Stand Up For Skateparks 2008: holy moly, we managed to break the $1 million mark again. No small feat in this tough economy. I believe that donors being able to see tangible evidence of where their contributions are going (like the Compton skatepark which is now finished) is a huge help in getting repeat customers. Socail D played an acoustic set while my wife and I swayed with our baby on the side of the stage. S & K played at the Lego tent and bid on Bakugan items most of the day, and R played SKATE in the clinic area with Willy Santos. It was a family affair and everybody had fun. And then the superstars took to the ramp: Bucky, Andy Mac, Shaun White, Dennis McCoy, John Parker, Kevin Staab.and me. Bucky almost nailed his first switch rodeo 7 while Shaun pulled his new heelflip body varial frontside 5. It was all over too fast and I can’t wait for next year. We even raised $75k for a skatepark in my hometown of Tierrasanta. Can’t wait to go back and no longer be ridiculed for being a skater. They might actually thank me instead!

••• I am typing this while flying [back] to NYC for the Stoked Awards, where I am being honored for my charity work. More to come, this ride isn’t over yet.

-- Tony