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  What is your favorite Tony Hawk game up until now that you have out?

Well, the last one (Proving Ground) was my favorite, but Tony Hawk: RIDE is something completely new and it is amazing. I can honestly say it will by my all-time favorite once it is released this fall.
  My question is how many 900s have you done in your whole 103

Most of them I have done at Boom Boom HuckJam shows, outside of competition. I'm not sure exactly how many, but somewhere around 30.

What are your favorite charities?

Besides mine, I enjoy working with Make-A-Wish and meeting kids from all over the world. Other charities I support are the Sport For Good Foundation, Lance Armstrong Foundation, Mia Hamm Foundation and the Cambodian Children's Fund
  If you could be anything other than a skateboarder what would you be?

A concert violinist. I gave up playing when I got into skating and I
wish I had kept doing it as a hobby.

What is your favorite moment in your life of skating? How did you come up with so many unique tricks when growing up?

My favorite moment was landing my first 900 at the 1999 X Games after years of failed attempts. I learned so many tricks growing up because I was never satisfied with my skill level and I had to see what else was possible.

  What was the most complicated trick you have ever done?

Either a kickflip McTwist or a varial 720, both require everything to
come together in a split second.

  I was just wondering if you've ever not tried a trick because of fear?

Absolutely! I thought that doing a 900 on the MegaRamp would be easier because you get more time in the air, but I don't want to mess up my spin that high up so I never tried it.
I’ve been wondering what your worst injury was?

Fracturing my pelvis, skull and thumb when I fell from the top of a
loop in Nov 2003. The concussion wasn't good either.
  Which skateboarder do you like the most?

I think Bob Burnquist is the most versatile and innovative skater
these days.
  I was wondering do you have any advice about a first competition?
And how did you do in your first competition?

Relax! You have to approach it just like you are practicing or else
you'll fall doing things that you take for granted. I got second-to-
last in my first competition because I doubted my abilities. But it
was a good learning process.
  When you skate do you have warm-up tricks?

I have the same warmup run every time I skate which includes a body jar, tailslide, backlip and a Caballerial.
Did you save all your old pro decks?

No, I give all of my old decks away. I have a collection of each of my models through the years though, some of them I've had to buy from Ebay because I forgot to keep one for myself.
  How did you get your "Flop" haircut (aka the McSqueeb) in the 80s?

I was copying my friend Kevin Staab because he started growing his bangs and I thought it looked cool. I ended up getting the credit for it.
  When things are not going as planed when your skating, what compels you to keep trying?

Knowing that I have overcome many challenges and that I will prevail if I stay focused.
  Have you ever thought about trying a 1080?

Yes, but I would need more speed than is physically possible on a
regular vert ramp. I believe Shaun White is capable of it though.

  I was Just wondering what the most embarrassing moment was while you were at a Skate Competition?

Dropping in for my first run of practice - in front of a big crowd -
and immediately falling because I had unknowingly put my truck on backwards.
  If you did not skate, what job do you think you would have?
Jason J in NZ.

A video producer or editor. I have always enjoyed the technology
behind video production and telling stories through good editing.
Do you ever play Riley in a game of SKATE? If so has he ever beat you?

Yes, and he has beat me plenty of times usually with a hardflip or a backside bigflip. Sometimes I can take him out with old-school moves though.
  How do you stay focused?

I set certain goals for myself in the form of tricks or lines without
getting sidetracked by other ideas.

  Besides the 900 what is the hardest trick you have landed?

Fakie-to-fakie frontside cab 540 or a 360 varial McTwist, both of
which I have only made twice in my life.
If you could meet anyone famous, alive or dead, who would it be?

I wish my dad could see how far skating has come since he passed away in 1995.

  Do you think old school boards [1980s vert boards] are better than new school boards for vert?

Not really, because I had to ride my 1986 shape for the ShredOrDie '80s competition and it made many tricks way harder for me, especially kickflips and anything that requires my foot on the nose.

What kind of car do you drive?

A 2008 Jeep SRT8 Grand Cherokee and a 1964 Stingray Corvette.
  I am tracking down original parts for one of your 80's bottlenose shaped decks(its blue), and I was wondering what brand of trucks you used to put on your old decks. Did you use tracker ultralites? Gullwing sidewinders? Or something different?

I used Tracker Ex-Tracks Ultralites and a Lapper.

If you were to meet yourself back when you were younger and in your first year of skating, what advice you offer them?

Learn kickflips! They are the future!
  In your opinion, where is the future of pro skateboarding headed in terms of style and technique? The pro tricks have progressively become more difficult, dangerous and interesting over the past 20 years. Is there a limit?

I think the tricks that are considered difficult these days will be
commonplace in 5 years. Skating will continue to evolve just the way it has over the last 20 years.
How do you pass time and what do you do when you can't skate due to an injury?

I try to stay productive updating my websites, and running my businesses, but mostly I try to spend more time with my family since injuries generally keep me home.
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